Build Group

Most general contractors are known to be careful and risk adverse—after all, they have to meet rigorous standards and make sure that their structures stay standing. But Build Group prides itself as the rebel in the industry. Started 25 years ago as a hands-on team of 5 industry veterans, they’ve never been afraid to say “yes” and are confident in their team and its ever-growing spectrum of capabilities and industries.


Redesign the company’s website to stand out from its competitors and integrate seamlessly with existing marketing tools and processes.


  1. Develop content and messaging strategy with company leadership and our strategy team
  2. Establish a visual system that boldly reflects the brand’s values in the digital space
  3. Collaborate with our photo/video team to generate imagery that supports the content and messaging strategy
  4. Work with client’s marketing team and our lead developer to integrate Salesforce
  5. Support lead developer in building the site
Strategy word exercise Taglines Tone of voice explores

Our team started the project by talking with stakeholders about their existing messaging, their history, their values, and their visions for the future. The strategy team then distilled all of this information into brand statements and a family of archetypes, which I used to inform content strategy and site architecture.

Build Group archetypes Home page wireframe

The home page offers an enticing glimpse of the company’s personality—its no-nonsense attitude, its diverse work, its welcoming culture, and the positive feedback it receives from partners and press.

It was important to continue this messaging strategy throughout the site. A robust About page is dedicated to both the company’s unconventional history and the people behind the leadership. The company’s active role in its community is highlighted using its Instagram feed and a variety of statistics on the Community page. Throughout the site, on-voice copywriting is essential to fully convey the Build Group brand.

Our Core about page Community page
Mobile home page, news section Mobile news page

One challenge with this project was to bring the website into the client’s existing CRM workflow. Their existing workflow did not include the website as a touchpoint. Therefore, we defined the points in the user experience where contact with the company feels natural instead of interruptive. Pardot forms are implemented within these areas of the site. Each form captures just the right amount of information for that stage in the user’s journey, which is then used to start lead conversions in Salesforce.

Form map

The second challenge was to take the existing project data that the company had stored within Salesforce and implement it across the project pages. Our goal was to minimize website management work for the marketing team. Instead of expecting the marketing team to move information from their CRM to the website, the projects pages are designed to automatically pull data from Salesforce every 24 hours and update as new content fields are populated.

Different audiences—from architects to real estate managers to new hires—utilize different subsets of this information to decide whether they want to work with Build Group. To accommodate the various user types, there are three different overviews of projects. Each overview includes filtering and pulls existing project data from Salesforce.

Project page

This project was a unique chance to consider the meaning of the word “user” in all of its permutations—from potential business leads and hires, to the marketing team that manages the site, to the company’s proud employees—and even to industry colleagues who want to better understand where the industry is going next. By understanding these different users and catering to their needs, the site has become a tool for different audiences to better understand Build Group’s capabilities and offerings.

Creative & Art Direction Josh Chen Strategy & Copywriting Kathryn Hoffman, Irene Kim Shepherd, Becky Luoh UX Design Kimberly Low UI Design Huyen Do, Alan Johnson, Kimberly Low Photo/Video Direction Alexis Tjian Portraiture & Videography Matt Beardsley Development Ben Falk, Kimberly Low Project Management Teresa Dugan, Alexis Tjian