On the Side

I use my side projects as a way to explore the ideas that inspire and excite me. Both projects below are ongoing commitment that I’ve casually contributed to for the past few years.

Milieu Forager

Milieu Forager

Milieu Forager is a two-person project that records observations of and thoughts about the world we live in. A visual journal of sorts, if you’d like. Alternating between imagery and the written word, my sister and I capture the small moments in life that we think are worth savoring.
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Holiday Card 2019

Cut Paper

Cutting shapes out of colored paper wasn’t particularly interesting during my early days in color theory class, but a project in art theory class (the one that resulted in my first college all-nighter) gave me new appreciation for the craft. These days, I use cut paper to explore illusions of space, the simplification of forms, and just how small of a mark I can make with paper.

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Dream Train Coral No. 4
Dream Weaving
Clouds Experiment Coral No. 3