Midterm elections historically have lower voter participation than presidential elections. However, the offices and issues that appear on midterm ballots have just as big of an impact on our lives. In an attempt to encourage our fellow citizens to get out and vote in the 2018 midterm elections, Chen Design created the #votewithchendesign campaign, which included stickers, social media, and a website.
Vote With Chen Design header


Encourage 500 members of our community to pledge to vote in the 2018 midterm elections.


  1. Develop content strategy with campaign team
  2. Design voting stickers to be used on a free sticker sheet and for digital assets
  3. Design a website that integrates the design team’s stickers
  4. Build website in Squarespace to capture and track pledges
  5. Maintain and update website up through Election Day
Wireframe Exploration 1 Wireframe Exploration 2

We started by exploring the flow of information. Would people be most likely to pledge if they went straight from social media to a form? Or would they be lured by a compelling mission statement? Would people be delighted to see how many other people had pledged so far, or would that be an unnecessary distraction?

After testing several interations of copy and messaging, we learned that people wanted to sign up quickly, but that a short message made the form more appealing to fill out.

Vote With Website
I Voted For sticker I Am A Voter sticker

To bring the campaign to life, we developed playful animations for the website. I designed a series of animated ballot boxes to track pledges in multiples of 50. The team also built fill-in-the-blank stickers as GIFs to insert in the site.

I Voted sticker Represent sticker

My favorite part of the project was contributing a couple of designs for the sticker sheet. The first design was a play on the traditional wording of an “I Voted” sticker, while the second design spoke to one emotion behind why I feel compelled to vote. The final sticker sheet showcased the variety of reasons why my coworkers vote, presenting our audience with different emotions that they could relate to.

Photos from Election Day

We launched the site on October 26th. 11 days later and just in time for Election Day, we reached our goal of 500 pledges. While our primary audience was Bay Area locals, we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest from people across the nation.

After Election Day passed, we shared images of our team and community proudly rocking their favorite vote stickers. When the next Election Day comes around, we’ll be proud to vote and make our voices heard.

Creative & Art Direction Josh Chen Strategy & Copywriting Kathryn Hoffman, Becky Luoh, Irene Kim Shepherd UX Design Kimberly Low UI Design Cedrik Ferrer, Kimberly Low Sticker Designs Bernee Briones, Cedrik Ferrer, Alan Johnson, Kimberly Low, Tracy Taylor, Kelly Wahlstrom, Pear Weerawong Animation Kenny Jong, Kimberly Low, Kelsey Sutherland Photography Kenny Jong, Chris Kiuchi Development Kimberly Low Project Management Anna Mumford